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no but is there a fic somewhere in the interwebz yet where Colin tells Bradley to go have his holiday in the States so that it throws suspicion off of them? Where Bradley doesn’t really wanna go but once he gets there he tries to make the most of it (and he kinda wants to make Colin jealous too?) And Colin pretends not to care, but he sleeps on Bradley’s side of the bed the whole time and cries when he finds out that Bradley cut his hair without even telling him? And he gets upset when he thinks that Bradley meant the truth in that interview, that he’s just sick of Colin? And Bradley writes love letters to Colin but doesn’t send them because he’s scared this relationship may end? That he said those things in the interview to see how Colin really feels about him now?

And then Bradley gets back to London, goes back to their flat and they have all this angsty depressing talk before having amazingly hot make-up sex and forget to care about suspicious brolin shippers?

… please tell me that fic exists somewhere… 

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    ^ I want to read this!
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    or please tell me someone is writing this right now
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